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About Doritos

When Hernan Cortez conquered Mexico in 1521, he not only captured the vast wealth of Aztec cold, but he also introduced the world to the perfect snack – the tortilla. Doritos are tortilla corn chips – literally translated from the Spanish “Doritos” means “Little bits of gold”. We would love to be able to say that Cortez saw the Aztecs eating tortillas and named them “Doritos”, but that would be a lie. In fact, it took until 1966 for Doritos Tortilla Chips to rise up from Mexico and take the US by storm. As witch so many cool things, it took ages for American cousins, but finally snack-starved British were able to drive into bags of Doritos in 1994.

The target market

Doritos main consumers are young 18-24 years of age adults who live 24-7 lifestyle. They are not afraid to try new, exiting things that can offer a bit of a challenge. Doritos’ lovers also enjoy spice, flavourful food, therefore they would be brave enough to pick unknown name from a Mexican restaurant menu. They are colourful, funky young who want to contrast from the masses.


My campaign is simply saying that if you eat Doritos then you will become macho. You will be brave than ever and attractive too. Even the big strong guys will admire and have respect for you. My campaign is encouraging people to wake up and seek for some fun, something that is new and maybe a bit crazy.

I want to show that even the nerdiest people can be exiting and fun. By eating Doritos they will show that even they have some fire in their lives. They are not boring but just the opposite. They have a little macho in their hearths.

bus stop poster

magazine ad


I would place the poster advertising in the bus stops because I know how tempting it is to go and buy a snack from a off-licence while waiting for the next bus to come.

This ad also as a picture of man who has a big moustache, impaling that usually man who grow moustache are macho. They are brave and are ready to face even most complex situations.

In this ad I’m asking that is he really that strong and bodacious. Maybe he is not ready to stand eye to eye which the wicked chili.

magazine ad – the chili power


My billboard ad has the least writing because it needs to be able to communicate with as few words as possible so that people who drive past will get the message. The picture is simple whit a tall nerd standing and looking quit powerless.

The headline read: “Much More Mucho than you think”. They guy is really brave enough to eat Doritos the “crisps of fire”. We never know how big lion can hide there under our skin until we try Doritos.

The tone of voice for these ads is very youthful and exiting, on the same time bold and challenging.

billboard ad

online – call of action – win tickets to real mexican wrestling


My web advertising has a simple idea. A tall nerd is standing in the middle of the hot Mexican town surrounded by the mass of macho Mexicans. They are pointing at him and whispering, they think he doesn’t fit in. But suddenly the boy crabs a nacho from the bag and eats it. Everyone will step back and become quiet, they are afraid to say anything. They young nerd has proven how strong he can be.

The headline is reading: Are you macho enough for Doritos?

Through that phrase I want people to think that you need to be brave to eat Doritos. By that I’m creating curiosity, which will attract new customers. The last clip of the banner is calling people to action. “Eat Chillies. The biggest macho will see the real Mexican wrestling”. By clicking there they will find more information about the competition. People will have to send weird pictures of them eating chillies. This is a fun and challenging way to win tickets to the real Mexican thing.



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